Praise for Good Money After Bad:

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Good Money After Bad is a work of subtlety, humor and compassion. Don Evans' novel of the inner workings of Chicago's gambling community shows an inside knowledge of this nether world, forcing us to accept, as his characters do, the extraordinary depths to which we can all sink when life revolves around a game of chance. Good Money After Bad welcomes a new and important voice to the literary world.—Paul Watkins, author of The Story of My Disappearance

Don Evans' Good Money After Bad crackles with the real action of gambling. He knows it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with Chance. An amazing read.—Tony Fitzpatrick, author of Bum Town

In lean muscular prose author Donald G. Evans explains the insidious drag of gambling and the way our hero's past wounds and present dreams lead him into a swirl of chaos that can't be sustained...the stuff of great psychological drama.—Rick Telander, author of Heaven is a Playground

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